Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The old house at First Unitarian was finally demolished. The church has generously allowed the Garden Group to create additional garden plots in this area! We have made tremendous progress thanks to so many...

Thank you to Lee for his generous lumber donation.

Members of Sustainable Food Utah and the Garden Group worked to build a total of 7 garden boxes (4 feet x 20 feet) in less than two weeks! This was subsequently filled by topsoil donated by First Unitarian Church.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kids in the Garden

The CCNS kids have been busy at work planting cold crops in the raised beds under the experienced direction of Miss Stephanie. They've got a head start on us all!

New Garden Year 2010!!!

Our work party was a great success! We staked out plots and laid out the drip system. While the water is not yet turned on, we have made SIGNIFICANT progress for the year. Especial thanks to Linda and Janette for their help and expertise in setting up the drip line. The dedicated efforts of Joan, Cynthea, Kira, and Kathy cleared the garden of its winter debris and enhanced its beauty significantly.

THANK YOU to all!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Preparing the Garden for the Winter 2009

KATHY is our new Environmental Ministry Garden Group Co-Chair along with JULIE. Thank you, Kathy and Julie, for serving the community in this way. Special thanks to Allison and Julie for all their work this past year in keeping our garden moving forward, obtaining a GRANT - no less, and we did it with less water and no critter visitors either! I'd call that a HUGE success.

At the end of October, Kathy, Janette, and Jim worked on preparing the garden for Winter. They set up two hoop houses to experiment with growing all winter long. Janette transplanted some of her hardiest chard while Kathy set up the hoops.

Jim worked on setting up the plastic covering and insulating the space with leaves provided by Layne.

And, while Cynthea harvested vegetables and fruit for Friendship Manor, Joan lurked in the shadows taking pictures.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Work Party!!!

Thanks to all those who helped! We weeded the parking strip, turned the compost, weeded the herb bed, laid stone pavers between by the new fence, and worked on the donation bed. Looks great!